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Elite Acoustic Leak Detector


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Product Principle
Arrange and place each wireless sensor (probe) in a linear (1x9) or matrix (3x3) formation 1-10 metres apart over a suspicious leak point. 

The display screen instructs each wireless sensor to collect data simultaneously. Each value is stored when sampling data according to the number of sensors used. Comparing the data allows the user to determine the location of a leak.

Upon estimating the leak's location with the nine wireless floor sensors, the separate cabled floor sensor can be attached to the display screen to precisely pinpoint the leak - this is the final step of the process.

AQUA-PRO Features 
- The AQUA-PRO's heightened response is due to the latest digital signal processing chip and digital filter chip, integrated controller and 16M cache.
- 7-inch FULL HD colour LCD touchscreen display.
- All nine wireless sensors (probes) can be used simultaneously to detect a leak, significantly increasing the measurement range and reducing the time to find the leak: all wireless, no wiring.
- Take readings from up to 1000 metres away.
- The sensor frequency can be adjusted between a range of 70-9000HZ.
- The display screen shows the leak signal in real-time in the form of spectrum bars.
- A large lithium-ion battery provides more than 10 hours of operation on one charge.
- User manual & lifetime support.

User manual

Click here to view the user manual.

The AQUA-PRO is our new fully automatic elite leak detector which allows the user to cover large areas when looking for a water leak underground. Nine individual sensors (probes) are spread 1-10 metres apart in any order throughout a dedicated surface area to uncover a leak quickly and efficiently, rather than listening to one sensor at a time with a standard leak detector.

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