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Positioned at the forefront of the industry, we've established a name for Melbourne's non-invasive, trustworthy water leak detection service provider. We excel in revealing leaks across various contexts, be it showers, balconies, roof leaks, uncovering burst pipes or if you genuinely want to prepare yourself for a wet-area renovation. Our technicians are equipped with essential, world-class technology to help us detect leaks.

A comprehensive report can be provided. Each report will include all underlying issues we find that may need to be addressed to protect you and your property in the long run—in return, guiding you to the appropriate phase in repairs to resolve the issue cost-efficient yet highly effective way. Without having you pay excess amounts of money for any unnecessary repairs.

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Water leak detection services you can count on.

We haven’t just dived into the industry without the foresight to deliver the best possible results. Through rigorous training, our professionals are well-versed in applying respectful and careful techniques to assist with leaks of all kinds. Moreover, we’re known for helping direct our clients onto the right path, providing you with the critical steps to tackle any issues.

We deal with many other repair companies, and over the years, this has allowed us to funnel down to the best. So you can be sure that we have approved anyone we recommend.

  • Thermal Imaging

    This allows us to inspect areas that are not visible to the naked eye, allowing us to track, follow and pinpoint the leak.

  • Acoustic Leak Detection

    Our leak detection equipment allows us to locate burst pipes below ground and within walls.

  • True Moisture Readings

    Detection of true moisture readings. This gives us a good idea of how much water is sitting below a surface area.

  • Reports

    We provide our clients with a comprehensive report detailing our findings and advice on the right course of action for the next phase of repairs.

Why invest in professional leak detection?

A lot of the time, you don’t always know a leak is present until it’s too late. Once you’ve sat on the fence and waited to decide whether to get a professional in, the damage has likely already been done. Putting it off any longer means you may be allowing disaster to strike, inevitably costing you hefty bills in emergency repairs to eliminate the problem.

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So, do I call a plumber near me?

Best not to. The reason is that, in most cases, a plumber is not equipped to detect a burst pipe below surface areas. A plumber is only trained and is equipped to fix the burst pipe and not locate it.


Here at Aqua Leak Detection, we can inspect your suspicions and ensure you’re quoted the right amount for the right services. We will ensure you know how to get exactly what you need without being upsold. It’s the secret to plumbing jobs most tradespeople don’t want you to know. So, click the link below to call us now and save yourself some money and the hassle.

How to get started.

We understand that you may not know what direction to head in to keep your property free from leaks and threats. Contact our local Melbourne specialists for a transparent discussion on how we can best meet your needs.

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